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SWA Cable 2 core

2 core swa cable is generally used for single phase applications, used for surface and underground installations for mains distribution and general wiring applications some examples are garden lighting.

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SWA Cable 3 core

3 core swa cable can be used for 3 phase or single phase applications and is the most common swa cable mainly used for garage installations, lighting, sockets and whole load more of other applications.

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SWA Cable 4 core

4 core swa cable is used when a neutral is required and is mostly used in 3 phase applications some examples of where this would be used is for motors or circuits that require 2 way switching.

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SWA Cable 5 core

5 core swa cable is used for three phase applications when you require 3 phases a neutral and earth some examples are tools which require a 3 phase voltage and 3 phase plugs and sockets.

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SWA Cable 7 core

7 core swa cable is generally used for 3 phase or multicore applications its a numbered core cable which is used for surface and underground installations for mains distribution and general wiring applications.

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SWA Cable 12 core

You mostly use a 12 core swa cable for multicore applications or 3 phase applications. Its identified with white numbered cores and can be used underground or on the surface.

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SWA Cable 19 core

19 core swa cable is used for multicore applications which need to be installed underground or surface applications.

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SWA Cable Glands

We have all the swa cable glands you require whether its indoor or outdoor applications, we can get a termination gland to suit any size cable.

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SWA Cable Cleats

If it’s an indoor or outdoor application its more than likely you will require the cleats or clips for your cable, we sell cable cleats to suit any size cable you require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons behind using steel wire armoured cable?

Steel wire armoured cable or SWA Cable is a hardwearing cable made up of Black PVC Sheath, xlpe insulation, copper conductors and steel wire armouring. Armoured cable is designed for mains electricity for laying underground, power networks, incoming mains to homes amongst a host of other applications externally and internally. The SWA Cable is also handy as it allows the user to use the cable for direct burial and the armour enables the cable to withstand higher pulling loads. The XLPE insulation is resistant to a number of different fluids, chemicals and has good heat stability.

What SWA cable do i need?

There are a few different features you need to take into consideration when choosing your steel wire armoured cable for example length of run, voltage drop, current rating but at we have a few tools and information pages which can make this choice a bit easier. For example we have a swa cable calculator which makes it easy for you to choose what cable you will require. And also a current carrying capacity chart giving you all the current ratings of cables.

Can i use the armouring from SWA as an earth?

We dont advise that you use the armouring from the SWA cable as an earth, but up to a certain size power cable it should be fine, if you are using the armouring as an earth it should only be used as an additional earth. The armour should always be earthed at the supply end to ensure it cannot become live if the cable is damaged or under any fault conditions.

Can 3 core steel wire armoured cable be used as 3 phase cable and single phase cable?

3 core steel wire armoured cable can be used as three phase cable or single phase cable you simply will need to identify the cores with the single phase colours if it is a single phase cable you need. The colour of the cores on a 3 core cable will originally be the three phase colours which are brown (live),black(neutral) and grey(earth). Below is what the colours should be converted from if three phase to single phase.

Brown > Brown

Black > Blue

Grey > Green and Yellow

LSF steel wire armoured cable or PVC steel wire armoured cable?

LSF steel wire armoured is generally used in public places or were the cable is specified few examples are Hospitals, Schools amongst other public places. When the LSF sheath is exposed to fire the sheath emits very low levels of smoke and non-toxic fumes. LSF SWA cable is also known as LSOH SWA cable, LSF armoured cable, LSOH armoured cable, Low smoke and fume armoured, low smoke zero halogen steel wire armoured, 3 phase lsf armoured cable.

What other names do people call steel wire armoured cable?

Some of the names people will use to describe steel wire armoured cable are armoured cable, underground cable, mains power cable, 3 phase cable, low voltage cable, direct burial cable amongst a whole host of other names.