95mm 2 Core SWA Cable Per Metre

Per Metre

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95mm 2 Core SWA Cable Per Metre is a large mains power supply cable with 1 blue neutral core and 1 brown live core (separate earth would be required). This cable is designed to negate voltage drop when taking power over long distances. For example, this is the cable you’d use for powering a large unit or outbuilding on a farm. The steel wire armour below the outer sheath helps to protect the cable from damage and chemicals. It can also be used a secondary earth or CPC.

95mm 2 Core SWA Cable Per Metre Specifications

  • Overall Diameter: 33.1mm
  • Current Rating: 338A (Clipped Direct)
  • Conductors: Stranded Copper
  • Insulation: XLPE
  • Core identification: 2 core (Brown & Blue)
  • Bedding: PVC
  • Armour/Protection: SWA
  • Sheath/Jacket: PVC
  • Colour: Black
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 90°C
  • Standard: BS 5467
  • Voltage: 600/1000V

Further Information

Our in-house electrician Alex recommends using this cable for supplying mains power to an outbuilding. For this job we recommend wiring the cable directly into the mains and then burying the cable underground. The cable will require outdoor CW32 glands for termination into whichever applications require it, as well as CC14 cable clips for attaching to any walls or surfaces.

For more information on how to install armoured cable easily and safely, check out this ‘How To’ video on installing Steel Wire Armoured Cable. This is for reference during the cable installation.

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 kg
Number of Cores

2 Core

Current Rating


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