CW20S Outdoor SWA Cable Gland Pack

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CW20S Indoor SWA Cable Gland Pack – Indoor cable gland pack that includes 2 x brass glands, 2 x lock nuts, 2 x earth tags (banjos) and 2 x cable shrouds. These high quality gland packs are used for terminating the SWA cable into junction boxes, containers, adaptable boxes plus many more! These glands are primarily for outdoor use as they are waterproof. If you don’t require outdoor glands, please see our ‘BW20S Indoor SWA Cable Gland Pack‘ for the indoor variation.

CW20S Indoor SWA Cable Gland Pack Features/Specifications:

  • Part Code: PACG20SCW
  • Size: 20mm (small)
  • Application: Outdoor applications to provide a waterproof seal for use with all types of SWA Cable
  • Standard of Compliance: EN 62444
  • IP Rating: IP66


Outdoor Cable Gland Diagram

  • Entry Threads (D) Metric: M20
  • Entry Threads (D) (Thread Length “C”): 10mm
  • Overall Cable Diameter (A) Min. : 9.5mm
  • Overall Cable Diameter (A) Max : 15.9mm
  • Across Flats (B) Max: 22.5mm
  • Across Corners (B) Max: 24.9mm

Further Information

If you require all technical information regarding these gland packs, please see the CW Outdoor Cable Gland Data SheetThis will help you to make an informed purchase when picking your cable gland sizes.

Additional information

Weight 0.3000 kg

SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack stock a large range of SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack which we deliver all over the United Kingdom five days a week. Which also means that SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack are also available for pick up from our Deeside branch which is open six days a week. All the SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack meet BS6121 standards.
Additional SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack information ;
2 Part external Glands for SWA CableTerminates and secures cable amouring.
Application: Brass gland for use with XLPE/SWA/PVC 600/1000 volt cables with stranded copper conductors to BS5467. Most suitable for SWA, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. Outer seal grips sheath of cable. For use in most climatic conditions. Weatherproof and waterproof design
Accessories: As standard, all glands come complete with earth tags, lock nuts and shrouds where required.
Cable sizes to suit your SWA cable gland outdoor CW20S pack ;

SWA cable 1.5mm 2 core
SWA cable 1.5mm 3 core
SWA cable 1.5mm 4 core
SWA cable 2.5mm 2 core
SWA cable 2.5mm 3 core
SWA cable 2.5mm 4 core
SWA cable 4mm 2 core

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